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Students Writing on Board

Priorities focused on measurable outcomes


I will support policies that serve all Klein ISD students, teachers, administrators, and families. The focus should be on educating our children as best we can. This includes respecting individual rights and freedom while providing a safe environment that fosters learning. Research shows that only when school boards focus on outcomes can they make a difference. District goals must be set that are focused on these student outcomes.


I will promote accountability through increased access to public feedback before significant decisions. I believe communication is key to building a relationship of trust with the district. We need greater transparency. I will urge the board to use closed sessions only when necessary to cultivate transparency and trust. As a board, we should set measurable benchmarks and goals to hold ourselves accountable to the community. 

Fiscal Responsibility

I will promote fiscal responsibility for district budgets. I will advocate cutting costs where possible being mindful of the tax dollars provided to the district by the residents of Klein. I will look for ways to reduce debt without limiting services and invest in programs that add value to the district. Expenditures should answer what will be achieved for students with any new expenditures or programs.


I will advocate for a learning environment where all students are free to learn in an environment where they feel safe. I will encourage communication between teachers and the administration to provide support for their needs and the needs of the students to foster a more productive relationship.

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