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Kristin Cobb

for Klein ISD Trustee Position 6
Let's get back to Basics.

 Reading, writing, arithmetic, and civic liberty. 


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Let's get back to basics!

I am running for Klein ISD School Board!

And I need your help. Over the past years, the Klein ISD School Board has portrayed itself to be conservative, supporting our freedoms, standing for Biblical truth in their actions, claiming that they are against the tenets of Critical Race Theory and were protecting our children. Last year we found out this wasn’t true.

After eight long months, we finally received an update on what has been done about the book situation in Klein. We were told that “less than can be counted on one hand” of the books we questioned were removed but that Klein keeps no records of those they have reviewed and removed! I provided a list, with quotes of about 20 extremely explicit books found in Klein libraries back in December of last year along with the list provided by Representative Matt Krause of which Klein holds 477 of the 844 books on his list. Parents even submitted a petition to the board to remove these books from our schools. Clearly, the board does not intend to address explicit sexual content in Klein libraries, will continue to ignore parents, and outright hide information from us.

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD made news this week! The school board voted to ban Critical Race Theory, require the use of biologically based pronouns, prohibit boys from using the girls’ restroom, and implement a review process for the age-appropriateness of library books. Sadly, Klein ISD has not taken the lead in these areas. I took a deep dive into the voting history of the Klein ISD school board and found that for years EVERY board vote has been unanimous! Where is the conservative holding the line for our children on these issues? We need an advocate on the Klein ISD school board that is willing to vote for family values.

As school districts across Texas are taking action on these damaging practices, we need an advocate on the Klein ISD School Board. Without an advocate for our values on the Klein ISD School Board, we will continue to see the board pushing toxic agendas, our taxes will continue to skyrocket, and conservative teachers will continue to feel pressured to remain silent.

I have been speaking up for you at school board meetings about the decline in education, inappropriate books in the libraries, against the increase in our taxes done last year by the board who set our tax rate to the highest rate allowed by law in a district with 50% of its student body economically disadvantaged and against the questionable spending of our tax dollars on woke teacher trainings. I have been filing public information requests that are largely ignored or circumvented. It’s clear that we need someone on the Klein board who is willing to ask the hard questions and advocate for the taxpayers and teachers who live and work in Klein ISD.

I need your support! Together we can make a difference.

UPDATE: Klein ISD Bond News and Tax Rate!!!

At last night's school board meeting, Klein ISD voted on the tax rate and we got duped on the bonds!

Remember during the Klein ISD bond election, the district said no new bonds were envisioned to be sold before 2023, with payments expected to begin in 2024? Not anymore!

***Between the May 7 election and the June 13 Board meeting, the district decided to disregard these schedules.***

Instead, the district issued $150 million in bonds in August, leading to an increase in the debt service for 2023 over what was published in the district's Truth in Taxation documents. Taxpayers in the District were expecting to benefit this year from falling debt service of $0.09 per $100 valuation. Klein ISD managed to take back every bit of that savings from us! Moreover, by ignoring the schedules, the predicted tax rate impact from the bond sales portrayed by Klein ISD to provoke “Yes” votes is now moot.

The district published four Voter Information Documents in advance of the May 7 Bond Election. Only Propositions A and B passed. The Documents lay out a schedule of bond sales and payments for each of the propositions. The Notice of Public Meeting to Discuss Budget and Proposed Tax Rate, published in concert with the June Board meeting, already incorporated additional debt service spending.

“There was some comic relief last evening watching the Trustees stumble over the required wording of the tax rate motion. It was like poison in their mouths. And immediately after they expressed the required language, they made all sorts of comments to try and undermine it.” -J

Just in case you didn’t already figure this out, Klein ISD voted to approve the highest tax rate allowed by law (again) last night which will result in a 6.38% increase on your property taxes. The key wording that the board struggled to say was that they are RAISING our taxes. Regarding this property tax raise, you’ll hear this Klein spin, “Klein ISD unanimously passed the lowest tax rate in 30 years!”

Too late, we’re on to you Klein.

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God's Not Dead and Neither Are We the People
Our campaign was recently featured in the Katy Christian Magazine where we held a meet and greet at the Willowbrook AMC theaters movie screening of "God's Not Dead."
Conservative moms back Kristin Cobb for Klein ISD School Board race
A coalition of conservative Christian moms express deep concerns over Klein ISD's unanimous support to adopt its equity resolution and funding of teaching leadership training that recommends several race focused books including, "White Fragility."  Amid mounting pressure for institutional mandates, parents call for women of faith from their community to run for the school board to support our children and traditional family values.
Kristin Cobb speaks to Faith Votes at Grace Church
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Klein school ratings found to be more important than student safety

My child was bullied severely in Wunderlich Intermediate and KFHS. After repeated attempts to stop the bullying, and even after he was stabbed with an X-Acto knife by another student, the board and the superintendent would not allow us to change schools within the district even though I was able to drive him! We were told that was not an option. That absolutely was an option. Unfortunately for my stepson, he wasn't performing well academically so no one in charge wanted to move him. He happened to be in the lowest academically performing school at the time. Why hurt the ratings of other schools in the district?

If elected, I will advocate for student safety. People over policy.

School Change.png
Klein school ratings play a major role in district student failure  

My husband and I got custody of one of my stepsons when he was in 7th grade. He had missed over a year of school and was extremely behind in all subjects. At the end of his senior year, he had not passed STAAR and was either barely passing or failing his courses. Passing these tests are reported to be a requirement. As we were preparing for another year of high school, we received notice that the "school board" voted in a closed session to allow him to graduate anyway. At Klein Forest High School there were several adult students. He was just 17 when he “graduated.”
As an adult, he is still struggling. College seems out of reach. He would have to take several remedial courses to reach grade level. The education of our children was decimated during the 2020 school shutdowns. The school board needs to focus on catching these kids back up and making sure they do not repeat this same fate.

As a mom with 2 daughters in Klein ISD, this is very concerning. We need new leadership that will take responsibility for educating all children. This includes underachieving kids. Our children are not just numbers. I'm running against a board member that was part of voting not to take responsibility for my child's education. 

Failing Students.png
Klein ISD 2021 recommended reading for teaching leadership

It pains me to see this as the Klein ISDs recommended reading list for our teaching and leadership teams. We need stop focusing on what makes us different and focus on providing quality education to all students regardless of socioeconomic or racial background. This shows the disconnect between the district and what students really need. Our teachers should be equipped to provide our students the essentials like reading and math.

Percentage of goals met at Klein ISD (from on Klein ISDs 2020-21 school year).

Reading - 50%

Math - 42%

recommened reading.JPG
Teacher at Klein ISD assigns students banned book about systemic racism in police departments, another assigns a book on gender confusion

A mom in Klein ISD is married to a police officer. They have a child in a Klein ISD school who was assigned a book by his teacher with an anti-police theme, alcohol, drug usage, and profanity titled, "All American Boys" that taught about systemic racism in police departments. This book is the third most banned book of 2020, yet it is being assigned to our children in Klein. Check it out in the link below. Is this what we should be teaching our children?

Gracefully Grayson was the title of a book given to a 6th grade student. "Grayson has been holding onto a secret for what seems like forever: “he” is a girl on the inside, stuck in the wrong gender’s body."

If elected, I will focus on advocating for the necessary community and parental involvement needed so these situations can be caught earlier and mitigated more effectively.

No place for lobbyist groups in Klein ISD

Klein supports the ADL for its anti-bullying program. The Anti-Defamation League. This is a lobbyist group that supports legislation that is pro-abortion, and specifically supports CRT in all levels of education. Check them out for yourself!


The ADL has no place in Klein ISD. If elected I will advocate for its removal and replace it with a program that supports all children, without an underlying agenda.

An important role of school board members is to engage parents and the community in school affairs

Do you follow the Klein ISD website meticulously?

If not, you might have missed your opportunity to speak at this months school board meeting. The meeting time was changed to 5 PM instead of the usual time, 6 PM.

An important aspect of a school board members role is community outreach and parent involvement. One easy fix here is to send out email or text notifications for school board meetings so that parents can have a voice in district decisions!

If elected, I will advocate for this change.

Klein ISDs shocking performance

Klein won National District of the Year! This isn't pretty, but ignoring this issue will not solve it.

Massive unchecked use of Klein ISD taxpayer dollars

The Klein ISD check registers are difficult to sort through. There are over 50,000 charges. They are disorganized with no meaningful descriptions. Unless technically educated or experienced in financial auditing within Klein ISD they are almost indecipherable.

A main duty of school board members is to be good stewards of district funds. The current structure allows for massive unnecessary use of taxpayer dollars. These unchecked expenditures continue be passed through. There seems to be no financial oversight from the current board.

If elected, I will advocate for a community driven committee of 10-20 community members and parents. The committee role will be to sort through and investigate the organizations and expenses the district financially supports. This will assure expenditures are in line with district values and goals. Together we can achieve transparency in the way our tax dollars are spent in Klein ISD!

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Klein ISD board misleading public on the tax rate?

1: to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive.
2: to create a false or misleading impression <----- !!!

Property values went up an average of 6.60% according to the Harris County Appraisal District. The Klein ISD board knows this. They dropped our taxes by 2.8%. 6.60-2.8%= 3.8%. We all just got a 3.8% tax increase! That's nothing to brag about. Yes, you are going to pay substantially more for your taxes. In fact, the current rate is the highest amount Klein can set without a Tax Ratification Election, which they lost in 2018. 

Klein ISD, award-winning district?

We keep hearing from the board Klein ISD "is thriving." We’re winning awards and our kids are doing so well! Let’s look how well we’re really doing in Klein ISD. Can some one help me find a passing statistic for Klein please? Why aren't we talking about this?

Percentage of goals met at Klein ISD         

Reading - 50%

Math - 42%

College, Career, and Military Ready - 61%

Percentage of students that meet grade level - 47%

Justice, the missing piece of the equity puzzle

In Klein you dont have to look far to see a focus on equity. The missing piece of the puzzle... The goal should be Justice. We don't need to give more to some students because then others slip through the cracks, like Kristin Cobb's son. Regardless of race, gender, or affiliation, we should focus on removing barriers to support all students.

Here is an example: My daughter was pulled for dyslexia help in elementary during her ELA (English) class. She struggled the most with reading. Already, that seemed non-productive.

When she was pulled for these classes, they taught two things. The first was cursive. Think about how children with dyslexia transpose their "d" and "b" letters. Cursive almost entirely solves this issue. At this time cursive was being debated as being taught at all.

The second thing she was taught in these classes was phonics. This was because common core and sight words had come into vogue at the time. Phonics was not being taught at that time but was deemed valuable.

Justice: In this situation, teaching phonics and cursive to the entire student body would allow students who struggle, to participate in class without losing critical time with their teachers in subjects they need the most help. This is an example of the illustration below. This would be Justice.

Note: Klein ISDs website has the first two drawings as their goal.

Kristin Cobb attends the inaugural Katy Christian Chamber luncheon
Klein ISDs 9th grade assignments... nothing to CRT here

Take a look at Klein ISD assignments in a 9th grade ELA class. 

Klein administration training?! Nothing to CRT here either...

This training is the smoking gun. Klein district is lying to you.

Still here and looking for more?
Klein ISD teacher and her husband started a tell-all blog about problems with the current school board

The new website, Friends of Klein ISD Taxpayers, takes an in-depth look at the problems in Klein ISD, the Holdsworth Center, and the tax rate. Check it out at the link below! Prepare to be scandalized (if you're not already in shock).

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